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Man loses 100 pounds with a Wii Fit regimen

NeoGAF user "Yondy604," determined to make a drastic change in his life, says the Nintendo Wii's Wii Fit exercise program helped him lose 100 pounds over the course of year, according to a post on the NeoGAF forums.

"Yondy604" writes that after years of suffering from heartburn and acid reflux and failing to find a suitable diet, he noticed a friend using the Wii Fit during a visit to her home and decided to give it a try.

"It maybe saved my life," he wrote. "I lost a total of roughly 90/100ish pounds using it, mostly from the addicting mini games it had."

"Yondy604" wrote that the minigames were motivating and addicting, which is why he was able to fully apply himself to the workout. Using this regimen, he was able to drop from 336 pounds to around 240 in a year. He started out completing 15 minute Wii Fit sessions for four days a week, then after a month increased the time to 20 minutes. One year in, he completes 40 minute gameplay sessions four times a week, and has started eating smaller meals throughout the day comprised of healthier foods.

"I really hope the Wii U comes out with something similar, because it was a fantastic product, and deserves a little bit of praise," he wrote.

Check out the NeoGAF thread for a motivational video "Yondy604" made of himself before the workout program, and a photo of his results.

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