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Curt Schilling: 38 Studios' failure was the 'most devastating thing'

The financial failings and eventual bankruptcy of Curt Schilling's game company, 38 Studios, is "the most devastating thing" the former baseball pitcher has ever experienced, according to a recent profile from The Boston Globe.

The studio declared bankruptcy in 2012, just before it laid off its entire staff. It would eventually default on a loan to the state of Rhode Island and leave behind debt totaling more than $100 million. Schilling said that it's still something he's "trying to bounce back from."

"It was so hard, because I had pushed and pushed and pushed," Schilling said. "I had 300 families [of company employees] I had to take care of, including my own, and it failed. And I've lost a lot in my life but I've never failed at anything. I was going to [win] but I couldn't get it done."

Schilling added that Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee did "absolutely nothing" to help stop the studio's downfall.

"We had a local investor who was going to pony up the money — he wanted us to do some things — and Chafee just waited us out," says Schilling.

Last month, Chafee decided to honor 38 Studio's bond repayments; Rhode Island's 2014 budget currently includes plans to tackle the debt. For more on 38 Studio's financial troubles and subsequent backlash, check out our StoryStream.

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