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MechWarrior Online expands combat; adds unit and map

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MechWarrior Online has implemented 12 vs. 12 combat for the first time, as well as offering a new unit and map.

Publisher Infinite Game Publishing announced today that 12 vs. 12 match combat, will be replacing the current 8 vs. 8, in time for the game's full official launch later this summer. A new Hero Mech ‘Golden Boy' (see video) has also been introduced, offering a 30 percent C-bill bonus and sporting three SRM-6s, two SRM-4s and four medium pulse lasers.

The new map is called Terra Therma, described by Infinite as a "tumultuous moon where pilots will be faced with ever-changing tectonic activity and violent volcanic eruptions."

"The 12 vs. 12 gameplay changes combat dramatically," said Bryan Ekman, creative director at the game's developer Piranha Games. "Players now have a deep bench of options for a variety of strategies, more creative attacks and defense schemes and can alter their combat strategies in greater variety for each environment. This is true MechWarrior combat."