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Report: 12 GB PS3 headed to North America Aug. 18

A 12 GB flash-based PlayStation 3 could be available for purchase in North America Aug. 18, Engadget reports.

A listing on Canadian retailer Future Shop's website which has since been removed showed the new 12 GB PS3 as available. Engadget also received a photo apparently from a U.S.-based Kmart with a warning not to sell the units until Aug. 18.

Sony introduced a 12 GB PS3 at its Tokyo Game Show press conference in Sept. 2012, a subset of the Super Slim console that also debuted at the show. The 12 GB model was released in Europe and Hong Kong last fall but never came to North America. Sony characterized the 12 GB model as "family-friendly" and also offered a standalone 250 GB hard drive accessory.

We've reached out to Sony about the device and will update this article with more information as we have it.

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