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Super Ubie Land demo now available for PC

A Windows PC demo is now available for indie developer Notion Games' Super Ubie Land, according to the game's website.

The free demo, available here, walks players through a slice of the 2D platformer. According to its website, Super Ubie Land is a love letter to Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System platforms, with inspiration for the game drawn from Donky Kong Country, Super Mario World and Kirby's Dreamland. The title was funded through Kickstarter last spring, earning $6,333.

The game follows Ubie as he attempts to escape Climate Island, where he has been trapped by the evil Dr. Terrestrial. Players will control Ubie, helping him repair his spaceship and find a way home.

In June, Notion Games announced Super Ubie Land would launch on Aug. 13 for Windows PC, Mac and Linux, with a Wii U version coming later this fall. Following complaints from Ubisoft that the title was potentially confusing and suggested a connection to the publisher, Notion Games changed the name from Super Ubi Land to Super Ubie Land in May.

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