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Payday 2 safehouse customization, missing enemy type still on the way

Additional features for Payday 2, including an enemy variant and safehouse customization, will be added to the game once Overkill Software is comfortable with their quality, according to a post from producer Almir Listo on the Steam forums.

Listo addressed questions raised by a Stream thread in which fans complained about the missing features. According to Listo, Overkill has not "had time yet" to add the features to the game, which launched yesterday. These features include the ability for players to customize their safehouses and Cloakers, an enemy type that uses night-vision goggles.

"We will add safehouse customization," Listo wrote. "There are many things we would love to add, but we haven't had time yet. I'm sorry if you expected a ton of customization at release."

Listo wrote the Cloakers were cut from the final version of the game because they "weren't performing their duty as a baton wielding menace."

"Does this mean we will sell them later as a $10 DLC? No, it of course does not," Listo wrote. "We will add them as soon as we are comfortable with the quality, as we have with anything we've made."

In his post, Listo also requested that fans unhappy with Payday 2 share their concerns in a civilized, non-combative manner.

"With the release of Payday 2, a lot of new players have joined our community and a lot of discussions have come up," he added. "Sadly, some of the discussions made are very toxic and the arguments are cynical, on the verge to the extreme.

"You need to seriously reconsider the way you behave in our forums," he added.

Payday 2 launched yesterday in North America for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC.

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