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Mad Max motion comic continues the violence of the Wasteland

The second part of an animated motion comic sets up the scenario and gritty tone of Avalanche Studios' upcoming Mad Max game.

In the first part of the comic (embedded below), written by Injustice: Gods Among Us scribe Tom Taylor and illustrated by Legends of the Dark Knight artist Jason Shawn Alexander, our hero Max fights off an ambush from bandits. He is observed from afar by Chumbucket, a skilled yet thoroughly eccentric mechanic who wonders if this warrior could be the one sent to help him build his magnum opus.

Things get worse for Max when he runs out of gas and the bandits close in on him. Perhaps he was not the chosen warrior after all.

Mad Max is expected to hit Windows PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 some time next year.

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