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Human Head reportedly collaborated with Nintendo on unannounced project

Human Head Studios, the team now best known for the troubled development behind Prey 2, was reportedly in collaboration with Nintendo on an unnamed project, according to documents from a former Human Head animator made available by Kotaku.

According to the animator's portfolio, Human Head sub-division Nine Realms, Inc. had begun developing a prototype for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles mobile game for Nickelodeon alongside an unannounced Nintendo project. While no details exist about the Nintendo project, the company did begin hiring part-time Japanese translators to translate "project documentation, written correspondence and live [conversation]," last year; suggesting a relation to the alleged Nintendo project.

Late last year Human Head job postings hinted at the development of an unannounced, open-world console project set within the mystery genre. This was soon cancelled, according to the studio's former lead designer Christopher Stockman. It's unclear, however, whether this relates to the alleged Nintendo title.

We've contacted both Nintendo and Human Head for details and will update when more information is made available.