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Tropico 5 coming to Xbox 360, PC, Mac and Linux next year

Tropico 5, the next installment in the island management Tropico series, will launch next year, publisher Kalypso Media announced today.

Tropico 5 will be available on Xbox 360, Windows PC, Mac and Linux systems. The game is currently in development with Bulgaria-based Haemimont Studios, the company behind Tropico 3 and 4 as well as the recently-released turn-based tactical simulation game Omerta — City of Gangsters.

Players will again become El Presidente, ruling the island of Tropico and guiding it through its colonial times and into the future. Players must take care of their people while fending off rival factions and protecting their legacy through each era's struggles — including both World Wars, the Great Depression and the Cold War.

The game's artwork has been given a complete overhaul, and it will introduce a handful of new features, including the Dynasty system. With this system, each member of players' extended island family can be brought into leadership positions, and can earn experience points and skills in their offices.

Tropico 5 will also feature competitive and cooperative multiplayer — for the first time in the series — for up to four players.

Check out the teaser trailer above for a first look at Tropico 5.