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Indie Megabooth brings more than 80 games to PAX Prime 2013

The fourth Indie Megabooth will dominate the PAX Prime 2013 show floor, containing more than 80 games from nearly as many different developers, the booth's organizers announced today.

The actual numbers are in flux, but the full list currently contains 84 games from 78 studios. That includes the Megabooth itself as well as the Indie Minibooth, a subsection of the area that will offer more than 25 games from tiny, lesser-known indie teams. The Minibooth debuted earlier this year at PAX East 2013.

"Our goal of inclusion means that you can expect to see one-person teams alongside indie behemoths all, in equal stature," said the organizers.

This year's PAX East Megabooth took up 5,400 square feet of the show floor. At PAX Prime, the booth will occupy more than 6,000 square feet, making it the largest single booth at the convention. Along with the Minibooth, the Megabooth will also contain an area that officials refer to as a "curated space," a spot for three games that even fans of the indie community may be unaware of. "We believe there is a need to expose the unexposed by showcasing some eclectic titles that may not have gotten the spotlight they deserve," the organizers explained.

In addition, the Megabooth's presence will continue to grow in the future — its organizers announced today that they are working to bring it to Gamescom in the future, which would be the first international appearance for the Megabooth.

You can check out the ever-changing list of games and developers in the Megabooth on the booth's website. For more details on the origins of the Indie Megabooth, check out our Human Angle feature on its "overlord," Kelly Wallick.

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