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Twelve minutes of Dying Light gameplay show an infested, ruined city

Warner Bros. has released twelve minutes of raw gameplay from Techland's first-person zombie runner Dying Light.

In the video, the player character must navigate through a ruined, walled-off section of a city populated by zombie-like infected in order to make his way to supplies and medicine delivered to whatever survivors remain via air drop. On the way, context clues like the terrified scream of a young girl open up a choice: Does the player hurry to the supplies before other survivors pick them clean, or does the player try to find the source of the scream?

In the video, the player chooses the latter, discovering a girl hiding in a closet from her infected father, and his mission control says she'll pick the girl up before sundown. Unfortunately, this means that the player is too late to reach the first of two airdrops and must try and find the second one further away.

When night falls, the infected become significantly more deadly and so the player must hide and avoid them until daylight breaks.

This video is of the content Polygon saw in our E3 hands-on demo. You can check out our full in-depth preview of the game here.

Dying Light is planned to launch on Windows PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One some time in 2014.