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Audiosurf 2 launching on Steam Early Access in Sept.

Audiosurf 2, the sequel to Dylan Fitterer's procedurally generated rhythm game, will launch on Steam Early Access in September, according to the game's official site.

The title received a trailer in March when it was in development under the title Audiosurf Air, showcasing some similar note-collecting gameplay that served as the backbone for the original game, but with a twist — the player could now leap into the air, distorting their selected music track and avoiding any obstacles below. That may just be one of the new ways of getting through the customizable tracks, as the Audiosurf 2 website now teases a tagline: "Audiosurf 2: Ride your music. Sprint your music. Swim your music. Workshop your music."

We've reached out to Fitterer for more details on the sequel, which will be featured in the Indie Megabooth at PAX Prime 2013 later this month.

[Thanks, David!]

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