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Possible Persona 4 Arena sequel revealed (update: it's a Japan-only patch)

A possible sequel or expansion to Persona 4 Arena was revealed by Arc System Works, according to Famitsu, and includes two new fighters with unique systems: Yukari Takeba and Junpei Iori.

According to another Famitsu article, translated by Shoryuken, the new Persona 4 Arena sequel will feature new moves and skills for existing characters. The two new characters have styles and systems unique to Persona 4 Arena.

Yukari is a fast fighter, has wind-type "Garu" skills, specializes with a bow and good close range with jump attacks. Her bow attacks are fast, difficult to avoid and great at long range. Her arrow becomes a guided missile if it hits "Maha Garu."

Junpei Iori is a power-type character and wields a bat, which awards him with a long reach. According to Famitsu, his unique system baseball-based, so when he "connects with a bat attack, a runner advances, possibly scoring a run, which gives a buff to certain moves after scoring 10 runs."

In the new fighter, players can choose between Normal and Shadow types when selecting characters, except for Elizabeth and Shadow Labrys who only have Normal type. Normal type features Bursts for knocking back rushing opponents and can be used in combos with One More Bursts. Shadow type uses Shadow Rage, which allows for unlimited use of SP Skills, Skill Boosts for a period of time.

Fans can get hands-on with the game at Akihabara Hey in Tokyo and Taito Station Nipponbashi in Osaka, held from Aug. 16-18. More images and details of the sequel are located on Famitsu.

Update: A representative from Atlus confirmed with Polygon that the information in Famitsu details an update planned for the Japanese arcade version of Persona 4 Arena.

"It's an arcade-only update in Japan," the representative told Polygon. "No word on it coming to consoles in NA."

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