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Battlefield 4 kit customization, Field Upgrade system detailed

DICE shared more information on Battlefield 4's Field Upgrade system and how the developer aims to increase kit customization for multiplayer in a new post on the the Battlefield blog.

The Field Upgrade system will offer players four new upgrade careers for each of the four playable kits — Assault, Engineer, Recon and Support. Two of these career upgrades can be used for any kit; one will focus on offense while the other will highlight a defensive role. The two additional kits will be unique to each class, and will allow players to upgrade into specific combat roles and increase their level of specialization.

"The focus on specifically squad-related actions means that the biggest rewards come from sticking with your squad and being a great team player," reads the post by core Gameplay Designer Alan Kertz. "However, if your entire squad is wiped out, you will lose some of your progress in the upgrade path."

Kertz added that Lone Wolves will also reap benefits from base specialization, since the option is unlocked from the start.The post also details each of the four multiplayer kits for all three countries — America, China and Russia. Each kit has been "reimagined" for Battlefield 4 and will allow players to change quickly between them at will.

Battlefield 4 will also introduce new gadgets, which have been made to be more portable and keep players mobile. These include the Portable Laser Designator and Portable First Aid and Ammo packs, allowing players to quickly move through maps without being too tied up in their arsenal.

"Battlefield 4 aims to stay true to the best parts of Battlefield 3, while also pushing to expand the game in fresh directions," wrote Kertz.

For more details on how to customize and plan your career path in Battlefield 4, check out the post here.

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