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Buy a personalized voicemail from Commander Shepard for charity

BioWare will hold an online auction to raise money for charity, with goodies up for auction including everything from artbooks to a personalized voicemail greeting from Commander Shepard, the studio wrote on the BioWare blog.

On Aug. 19, BioWare fans can check out the available swag on eBay for the BioWare Drop Zone Charity Auction. All proceeds will be donated to Edmonton's Easter Seals Drop Zone fundraiser, in which participants rappel down the side of a 28-story building dressed as superheroes to raise money for people with disabilities.

Items in the auction include a limited edition Dragon Age lore book, collectors' edition Mass Effect artbook, a handful of comic book collections, copies of BioWare games and other studio memorabilia. All items auctioned off will include autographs from BioWare's developers.

Furthermore, BioWare will auction off one personalized voicemail greeting recorded by voice actor Mark Meer, the voice of Commander Shepard.

"Easter Seals is committed to ensuring that people with disabilities can enjoy full access to all of life's opportunities," reads the post by BioWare's Alex Lucas. "BioWare might just make video games, but we've always endeavored to make our games as accessible to as many people as possible. It is with this in mind that we think that partnering with Easter Seals for the Drop Zone challenge is a great idea, and we hope you agree."

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