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Game Music Bundle 5 offers music from Fez, FTL and more

The Game Music Bundle 5 is offering 19 soundtracks in two price-adjustable tiers.

The first level is unlocked when buyers pay $1 or more. Purchasers will receive the soundtracks to Monaco: What's Yours is Mine, FTL, Fez, Gunpoint, Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded and World of Goo.

The second tier opens with a $10 or more donation. This level adds FZ: Side F, FZ: Side Z, Monaco: The Gentleman's Private Collection, The Forge, Hero of Many, Marble Time: The Original Soundtrack, Super Panda Adventures, Anodyne Remix Album, Frog Fractions, Little Inferno, Anodyne, Me and My Dinosaur 2 and Drox Operative.

The highest contributors will also receive special prizes. The top seven can expect a physical poster for Monaco: What's Yours is Mine and a digital copy of the game. For those in the top five, the prize is several musical score excerpts from Leisure Suit Larry signed by composer Austin Wintory. The top contributor will receive a Fez t-shirt signed by the game's composer, Disasterpeace.

The Game Music Bundle is on sale for eight more days.

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