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Energy Hook alpha build available instantly with pre-order

Access to the alpha build for Happion Laboratories city-swinging title, Energy Hook, is available now for those who pre-order the game.

In Energy Hook, players use the game's titular device to swing across obstacles and scramble through various challenges. Pre-orders are available for $35 for Windows PC, Mac and Linux. In addition to instant alpha access, the build also includes Oculus Rift support. Buyers will also receive all future updates, the game's soundtrack and the Alpha medal in-game when they're implemented.

Those participating in the alpha will have the chance to provide feedback on the project. The pre-order is available through Happion Laboratories' website.

Happion Laboratories took the game to Kickstarter in May with a goal of $1. According to former Spider-Man 2 developer and Energy Hook creator Jamie Fristrom, Kickstarter was a "pre-order campaign." The game is also collecting votes via Steam Greenlight.

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