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Dead Rising 3 trailer sets the tone with motorbike steamrollers and shotgun-weilding zombies

The latest trailer for Capcom Vancouver's survival horror game, Dead Rising 3, sets the tone for the game's gameplay, crafting and story as its new protagonist, Nick Ramos, finds himself cornered by a horde of zombies.

The trailer, posted above, illustrates how Ramos can pick up various items from the environment, such as a sledgehammer and angle grinder, and craft them into an entirely new weapon. Teaming up with a character called Annie, the duo demonstrates the end result of how players can possibly customize vehicles into moving death weapons. The video also features a shotgun-wielding zombie, showcasing how the game's new undead — such as cops, prisoners and football players — will be more dangerous and intelligent than previous Dead Rising instalments.

The latest title in the Dead Rising series stars Ramos, who must fight to survive after a massive outbreak in the open world environment of Los Perdidos. Announced as an Xbox One-exclusive during Microsoft's E3 press conference, Dead Rising 3 is expected to launch this holiday.

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