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Panzer General Online will be a free-to-play browser-based strategy game

Panzer General Online is development

Ubisoft announced today that Panzer General Online, a free-to-play turn-based strategy game that is part of the Panzer General franchise, is currently in development by Ubisoft-owned studio Blue Byte.

The Panzer General series first launched in 1994, and subsequent titles in the series have focused on combined-arms tactics based on real and fictitious world wars. Panzer General Online will be the first game from the series that has gone free-to-play.

According to a media release from publisher Ubisoft, players will be able to choose from a single-player or multiplayer mode in which they can take part in strategic battles, control airplaines, infantry, tanks and other military units. The game will also feature a trading card element where players can collect and trade virtual miniatures of tanks, infantry and artillery to create their own personalized army.

The Panzer series was originally developed by Strategic Simulations, Inc., which also worked on the video game adaptations of Dungeons and Dragons.The company's ownership changed hands a number of times before Ubisoft acquired it in 2001 and retired the brand name. Panzer General Online will be Blue Byte's fifth free-to-play game and first Panzer game. The studio has previously worked on hardcore strategy titles like Anno Online and The Settlers Online, and has a history making strategy games for Windows PC.

Panzer General Online will go into closed beta this year. Those interested in taking part in the beta can register here.

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