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Dragon Fantasy: Book 2 coming to PS3 and PS Vita Sept. 10

Dragon Fantasy: Book 2 gets release date

Indie developer Muteki Corp. announced today that its 16-bit role-playing game, Dragon Fantasy: Book 2, will launch on the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita on Sept. 10.

The game is a sequel to Dragon Fantasy: Book 1, an RPG that was originally released in 2010 for mobile, Windows PC and Mac before getting a PS3 and Vita launch in April of this year. The original was an homage to 8-bit RPGs, complete with 8-bit graphics, a chiptune soundtrack and a Japanese-style role-playing adventure following the quest of Ogden, a character modeled on creative director Adam Rippon's late father.

"Book 2 really pushes [the game world of] Westeria into the 16- and 32-bit era with all new graphics and mechanics with strong influences from Lufia II, Final Fantasy VI, and Chrono Trigger," Rippon said.

The game improves on Book 1 with a bigger story, new on-screen enemies, cloud saving and Cross Buy functionality. Dragon Fantasy: Book 2 will launch in the U.S. at $14.99, or $11.99 for PlayStation Plus members during its launch week. A European launch of Book 1 and 2 is scheduled for later this year.

Muteki Corp. will be demoing Dragon Fantasy: Book 2 at PAX Prime later this month.

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