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Metrico's 'infographic' gameplay detailed

Digital Dreams' upcoming atmospheric puzzle action game, Metrico, will allow players to travel a world built from infographics, level designer Roy van de Mortel announced via the PlayStation Blog.

Metrico includes everything from pie charts to line graphs, which "constantly change" based on player actions, movements and input, Mortel said. The team calls it "input morphing," because the game shifts as players progress.

"Imagine if you would, a bar shooting up in the sky when you fire a projectile, while another shrinks with every step you move," Mortel wrote. "A pie chart may embody the times you have died and a triangle plot shows the relation between your horizontal and vertical movement of your PS Vita."

According to Mortel, players have to watch every step they take, because each can make a platform unreachable.

"You will have to analyze and experiment with the world presented, while your reflexes, intuition and smarts are being tested," Mortel wrote. "The challenge of the game lies within figuring out what each infographic conveys and being able to think outside of the box."

Metrico was announced for PlayStation Vita at GDC 2013. Digital Dreams will have a playable version of the game at Gamescom and PAX Prime.

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