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Microsoft registers 'Fable Legends' domains

Microsoft has registered two domains for something called "Fable Legends," according to domain name registration lookups.

Microsoft Corporation's Domain Administrator is listed as the registrant for and, though neither domain contains information or redirects to a website as of this writing.

Information for both domains was created on Mar. 21, 2013, and the records on file were last updated last Friday, Aug. 16, 2013.

Lionhead Studios has been developing games in the Fable franchise since the first game made its debut on the original Xbox in 2004. Lionhead, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2006, is currently developing an HD remake of Fable called Fable Anniversary, which is scheduled to be released this holiday season for Xbox 360.

Last year, Microsoft acquired Xbox-related domains registered in China, including, through a complaint that called the domains "confusingly similar" to the company's trademarks. Earlier this year, word broke that Microsoft registered several domains referencing Halo: Spartan Assault before its official announcement.