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MineThon 3 supporting AbleGamers charity with 72-hour Minecraft marathon

Minecraft is once again the setting for the third annual Minethon charity fundraiser, with five volunteers slated to play the game for the next 72 hours while attempting to raise money for gamers with disabilities.

Starting today, MineThon 3 will go live with 200 slots on its server available for viewers who donate $15 or more. The charity fundraiser will feature free Twitter raffles and live auctions benefiting the Charity, along with a number of featured Minecraft games including paint ball and Obsidian Defenders.

All donations will be processed through PayPal, all of which goes directly to the charity. "The MineThon volunteers can't touch or make a cent," reads a statement from the charity. "In fact, apart from the generous contributions of sponsors, MineThon 3 is funded entirely out of pocket."

"There are over 60,000,000 gamers with disabilities, and when you come face-to-face with a figure like that, it's hard to overlook it," said Evan Smith, the Event Coordinator for MineThon 3. "But day in and day out, we, the gamer, the developer and the publisher, find a way to overlook it, but not today; today, it's time to take a good, hard look; today, it's time to help."

MineThon 3 will conclude on Aug. 5 at 11 a.m. PST. It can be viewed on its official website right here or on Twitch TV.

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