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CEO apologizes for Firefall's 'rocky start,' outlines fixes

Firefall developer Red 5 CEO Mark Kern took to the game's official website yesterday to apologize for the game's "rocky start" and outline the fixes in store for the open world massively multiplayer online shooter.

When the game's open beta launched on July 9, problems prevented players from logging in, completing the tutorial and using in-game features like "calldowns" that spawn weapons at players' command.

"As I stated on the forums, this was our fault, and we take full responsibility," Kern wrote. "Stage 1 of Open Beta was meant to stress our system, and we gained many, many players during that time that did, indeed, stress our servers."

Although Red 5 still has "more to do," Kern said that the developer has made progress with the login, tutorials, calldowns, user interface glitches and responsiveness. Drop ships have also resumed their regular flights to ferry players around the game world.

"Please accept our apologies for the rocky start," Kern wrote, "and while we are not past all of it yet, things have improved tremendously and we are working on resolving the remaining issues."

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