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Six EverQuest Next videos show SOE's next-gen MMO in action

Sony Online Entertainment has released a sextet of videos showing off various gameplay elements and features in its next-gen MMORPG EverQuest Next.

The "Characters and Environments" video shown above introduces us to the wizard Jalena and the warrior Keeshar, and shows off the game's expressive character models. The two characters traverse the arid desert of Ashfang before making their way into a forested environment called Feerrott. The end of the video demonstrates the game's day/night cycle, showing how the lighting and atmosphere changes with time.

The three videos seen below demonstrate the game's destructibility. The environment in EverQuest Next is designed with little building blocks called Voxels, and much of it can be destroyed, whether by the players or a gigantic enemy monster.

The final two videos focus on the game's combat. The first shows Keeshar and Jalena exploring an area before being attacked by a rock elemental, whose attacks destroy the earth underneath them. The two fall into an underground cavern before being attacked by a Void Goliath; the second video is an extended version of the Void Goliath fight.

For more on EverQuest Next and how it was shaped by games like MineCraft, check out our full preview.

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