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From ice blocks to the Ice Planet Hoth: Quakecon 2013's best case mods

QuakeCon is known in equal parts for its spirit of friendly competition, for its nurturing of a multiplayer community abandoned by modern gaming and, of course, for the completely mad things attendees do to the gaming rigs they bring to the show.

Collected in the gallery above are some of the cleverest, most complex or just plain coolest (quite literally, in some instances) computers we saw at QuakeCon 2013, interspersed with a few shots painting a picture of what it's like to walk the cramped corridors of the gargantuan BYOC hall. Make sure you don't miss the CPU built inside an actual, quickly-melting block of ice, the diorama depicting The Empire Strikes Back's classic Battle of Hoth scene and the Twinkie we found perplexingly lodged into one computer's motherboard; a storage solution that almost certainly voids that computer's warranty.

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