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Art book celebrates video game culture

The publishers of a planned art book celebrating the creativity and culture of video games have launched a Kickstarter campaign.

Every Day is Play: A Celebration of the Video Game is a British book, being pitched as a 200-page, hardback, cloth-covered work, featuring art from a variety of developers, including Shaun Inman, Iam8Bit, Ian Anderson and Venus Patrol.

A £30 pledge ($45) secures the book, although there's an extra $20 charge for shipping outside the UK. As well as seeking funding, the book's makers are also looking for more submissions from artists and creators.

"I've been obsessed with gaming culture most of my life," said Matthew Kenyon, graphic designer. "Gaming is still associated with the age-old geek stereotype and I think that is wrong and uneducated. The medium has progressed at such a rate that it culturally and relevantly touches on every aspect of modern life. We love to play.

"There are people, startups, and full scale companies that see the bigger picture of gaming, and what it really means. We want to capture this. We want to celebrate gaming."

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