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Journey creators' next 'risky' game still years off

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The next game from Journey, Flower and Flow creators thatgamecompany is still at least two years away, according to a New Yorker profile of creative director Jenova Chen, who offers new hints about his studio's currently unannounced project.

Chen describes the follow-up to Journey, which he calls a "risky" project bound for multiple platforms, as "the bastard child" of thatgamecompany's past games, touching on similar themes of "connection, nostalgia and self-reflection." According to The New Yorker's piece, Chen likened the goal for the game to impart that of a deeply held, emotionally resonant memory. Players will be able to experience the game solo or with others and, like Journey, will feature non-verbal communication.

Chen told Polygon earlier this year that he was shooting for something more financially successful with the successor to Journey — a project that bankrupted the developer — saying, "My resolution is to create a big financial success."

A quote from Chen about local multiplayer in The New Yorker sheds some light on those plans to appeal to a broader audience.

"A lot of people asked us why Journey didn't let them play with friends or family, and obviously we had a reason — because that would have defeated the purpose of the game," Chen said. "But for a game to be truly be accessible, to both children and adults and to men and women, it has to allow people to play with the ones they love."