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Shelter, the badger survival sim launching on Steam next week

Nature survival sim called Shelter is set to release on Aug. 28 on Steam for Windows PC and is available to pre-order now at 10 percent off, Pid developer Might is Delight announced on its official Facebook page.

Revealed in April, the third-person adventure game requires players to look for shelter and hunt food as the mother of a litter of badger cubs. Players must protect their brood from wilderness dangers, such as birds of prey and brush fires.

Shelter collected enough community votes and past Valve's Steam Greenlight late last month along with 15 other games, including Iron Galaxy Studios' fighting game, Divekick; Plastic Piranha's first-person shooter, Rekoil; Swery65's Deadly Premonition: The Director's Cut; and, Free Lives Games' Broforce.

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