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Xbox One will include FIFA 14 with Day One European pre-orders (update)

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Xbox One consoles will include a free copy of FIFA 14 when pre-ordered in Europe, it was announced during today's Xbox event in Cologne.

This includes all European pre-orders to date, it was confirmed. It will become available in the region later this year for £429 in the U.K. and €499 in Europe.

Check out a detailed overview of FIFA 14's Ultimate Team mode right here, which allows users to access legendary footballers including Ruud Gullit and Freddie Ljungberg.

Update: According to Microsoft, the copy of FIFA 14 included with Xbox One pre-orders will be a downloadable version of the game, not a physical copy packed inside the console box.

Update 2: Microsoft EMEA social media manager Graeme Boyd has clarified that only Day One Edition Xbox Ones will include the download voucher for FIFA 14, and only while supplies last.