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N++ delivers ninjas to the PS4

Metanet's N++ is coming to the PlayStation 4 this winter, along with an impressive line-up of indie titles.

Today's announcement is the culmination of a ten-year journey that started with the original N hitting the PC, according to a post on the developers website.

"Like all first projects, it was a bit rough around the edges, but it was fun, and we were excited about it, and thanks to encouraging emails from a few people who really liked it, we kept working on it," according to the post. "We kept developing and polishing it, and gradually, over a period of 1-2 years, N managed to find an audience (despite still being a little rough around the edges)."

That first game was followed by N+ for the Xbox Live Arcade in 2008.

"Amazingly, people seemed to like it — not everyone, of course, because we all have different tastes, but many more people than we had ever anticipated!" according to the post. "It still makes us immensely glad to watch people on youtube enjoying N+, particularly when they get really frustrated/angry… it warms our slightly sadistic hearts :)"

The twin successes of those games led to a lot of emails, some of which asked the team why they hadn't brought N+ to the PS3. Something they never explained until now.

"There are several reasons behind this, but most importantly it was because after N+, we were really burnt out — there were a few bumps in the development process (as it was our first commercial game), and as a result we ended up having to scramble to make about 1000 levels over the summer of 2007, which was a really intense experience."

Burnt out on N game development, the team decided to take a break from all things N-related for while.

Over time, Metanet's devs began starting making levels for the game again, just for fun, and that simple act of creation reignited their love for the title, according to the post.

The teams started talking with the other indies in Toronto and all of them had good things to say about Sony's Pub Fund program so the team decided to start working on N++ through the program for the PS4.

"Our intent is that N++ delivers the solid, distilled, fast-paced platforming you expect from the series, with a few new touches and a ton of love and attention to detail; we’re trying to make something that feels familiar but is profoundly better than ever," according to the blog. "There is so much more to say, and we’ll have many more details for you soon."

In the above video, we get our first glimpse of, if not the gameplay, then at least a whole lot of colorful levels for N++. The physics-based, ninja platformer, will feature new mutliplayer modes, new enemies, new levels, new graphics and sound and a new editor when it hits the PS4.

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