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Disney Infinity PS3 software update released to fix version 1.01 bug

A software update, version 1.03, to fix the PlayStation 3 version of Disney Infinity has been issued, according to the game's official Facebook page, after a network issue related to the game's day-one version 1.01 patch caused it to lock-up.

During the game's launch over the weekend, those playing the PS3 version of Disney Infinity reported corrupted save files and that the game locked-up after the tutorial, rendering it unplayable. A statement issued the same day advised users to remove the 1.01 patch and turn off their PS3's network communications until the issue was resolved.

Full instructions on how to install the latest update are listed on Disney Infinity's Facebook page in a five-step process. The Facebook post maintains that the patch will not fix corrupted game saves and users are advised to delete them and "start your Infinity experience anew."

Disney Infinity launched Aug. 18 on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. For more information on the game, don't miss out on our review.

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