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Rain arrives in North America on Oct. 1, Europe on Oct. 2

PlayStation C.A.M.P's action adventure game, Rain, will launch in North America on Oct. 1 for $14.99,  Europe on Oct. 2 for  €12.99 and Japan on Oct. 3 for PlayStation 3, Sony announced today at Gamescom 2013.

Pre-orders open today in Europe and North America, with pre-order bonuses including a "music montage" featuring sound effects from the game and a soundtrack, an avatar pack consisting of the main characters and a dynamic theme based on the game.

In Rain, players take on the role of an invisible boy who can only be seen when it rains. The boy eventually meets up with an invisible girl, who is also trapped in the Rain world. Together they must survive as they are hunted by wretched, ethereal creatures. Players can use pools of water, such as puddles, to distract monsters. For instance, as outlined in our preview, the player can splash a puddle to lure a monster away from a doorway it was guarding.

The third-person adventure title was first announced August last year for the PlayStation Network and was initially slated to arrive late 2012.

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