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Beyond: Two Souls to have two-player mode, tablet and phone control

Beyond: Two Souls will have a "Dual Mode" allowing a second player to take control of the game's ghostly entity Aiden, and will also allow players to control the game using a smartphone and tablet, it was announced today at Gamescom 2013.

During a presentation led by the game's creator, David Cage, the Dual Mode was showcased. In the single-player game, players can switch between controlling the game's protagonist, Jodie, and the ghostly presence chained to her, Aiden. In Dual Mode, control is passed off using the triangle button, allowing a second person to play as Aiden. The mode doesn't allow simultaneous play; it simply lets two players pass off control of the game's two characters.

This mode was inspired, Cage said, by his observation that many people who played Heavy Rain did so with another person — or a "puppet master" — in the room. With Dual Mode, that second player will be able to be more involved in the game as it plays out.

The game will also allow players to play the entire game using an iOS or Android phone or tablet as a controller. The functionality is called "Beyond Touch," and lets players download an app on the device of their choice letting them perform every action in the game using their device's touch screen — movement, various actions, and so on. It also lets players switch control over to Aiden; and, in fact, a second player can use a mobile device to control Aiden in Dual Mode. Any combination of DualShock 3s and mobile devices are possible using Dual Mode.

Beyond: Two Souls launches Oct. 8 on PlayStation 3.

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