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Awesomenauts devs embrace independence after 'bad' experience with bankrupt publisher

Awesomenauts developer Ronimo Games has embraced the Kickstarter method of funding projects following what studio head Jasper Koning describes as a "pretty bad experience" with their former publisher DTP Entertainment, which filed for bankruptcy soon after the release of the MOBA title last year.

Even today, Koning told Polygon that roughly half of all Awesomenauts profits go directly to a representative firm for the former publisher. In order to avoid a similar situation in the future, Ronimo Games is in the process of Kickstarting its next expansion title Awesomenauts: Starstorm with a funding goal of $125,000.

Ronimo Games hopes to continue this fully independent path, although it has yet to completely rule out publishers in the future. "It depends on the circumstances," says Koning, "But as long as we don't have to, we won't."

Awesomenauts is coming to PlayStation 4 and is slated for release at the launch of the console on Nov. 15 in North America, "or as near to launch as possible," said Koning.