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Dead Island: Epidemic is next game from Bloodline Champions studio

Deep Silver's upcoming zombie-centric MOBA game Dead Island: Epidemic is in development from the studio behind free-to-play action title Bloodline Champions, the publisher confirmed today to Polygon.

Swedish developer Stunlock Studios is developing the title using the original Dead Island universe. Stunlock first showed a prototype of the game to Deep Silver before an eventual decision was reached to combine the prototype with the zombie world that was previously known for its first-person-styled combat.

While Epidemic is being marketed as an entry in the MOBA genre, a Deep Silver representative was quick to emphasize the game won't carry the hallmarks of League of Legends clones. In fact, Epidemic shares more in common with the multiplayer arena combat of Bloodlines.

Like Stunlock's previous game, Epidemic is heavily action-based. In the hands-on preview of one of the game's Capture the Flag mode, players roam in teams of four and have the ability to both run and roll in and out of attacks. Six character types were made available, all of which follow the typical class makeup, and can use light and heavy attacks which are mapped to either mouse button.

This mode is being described as "PvPvPvE" by its designers, who pit three teams of human players against both one another and various groups of zombies who appear in areas of the map that are triggered when you are near. These opposing teams are encouraged to team up temporarily, however, against occasional zombie waves and bosses that occasionally pop up on the map.

The free-to-play game was first announced by Deep Silver earlier in the month but no developer was confirmed. Dead Island: Epidemic will launch on Windows PC.

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