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German All-Stars combines six studios with a single game project

Six German studios known best for their work in the adventure game scene announced today the official formation of the European-based collective German All Stars, with plans to begin development on an episodic series of games called Red. Black. Fate.

As announced in today's Gamescom press conference for the project, the participating studios include King Art, Deck 13, Black Forest Games Cliffhanger Productions and publisher Daedalic Entertainment, known as a successful European adventure game publisher. While all studios are well known within the German development scene, Cliffhanger Productions is probably best known for its work on Shadowrun Online.

All Stars will work together to create works similar to Grindhouse or Four Rooms, films where producers and directors create an independent work within a single shared project.

Details about the new Red. Black. Fate. project remain scant; although, it was confirmed that while the game will be funded largely by the studios themselves, it will also be supplemented through crowd funding service Kickstarter.

German All-Stars aims to launch Red. Black. Fate in 2014, although formal development is yet to begin. According to the collective, the project is likely to adopt a business model similar to the Humble Bundle, with a share of its revenues put toward charity organizations.

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