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Dream Arcades' Kegerator Pro: a fusion of classic video games and beer

Home arcade cabinet maker Dream Arcades is addressing the primary shortcoming of most home arcades: the lack of integration with beer kegs. With the company's latest product, the Dreamcade Kegerator Pro 60, no longer will home arcade enthusiasts suffer the excruciating walk to the nearest refrigerator for a cold brew.

In addition to featuring a 60 inch HD screen and more than 140 pre-loaded classic arcade games, the Kegerator Pro 60 comes equipped with a built-in fridge and three taps, making a refill on the frosty beverage of your choice within easy reach. The cabinet also features a pair of drink holders on each side of the cabinet, should players need a spot to store their pint glass.

The level of thirst-quenching and classic gaming convenience doesn't come cheap, however. The asking price for the Kegerator Pro 60 is $4,999. Dream Arcades also offers a less expensive option with a 29 inch screen, if price is a factor.

Dream Arcades' MAME-based cabinets come pre-loaded with classic arcade games like Pac-Man, Street Fighter 2, Galaga, Centipede, Dragon's Lair and many more.

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