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Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare likely not an Xbox exclusive

While Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is currently confirmed only for the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, it sounds like there's a very good chance it will be coming to other platforms as well.

Brian Lindley, the game's producer, said he doubts the game will make its way to mobile platforms, noting that the controls might not work well on a touchscreen, but was coy when asked if the game might come to PlayStation or other platforms.

"Our goal is to bring this game to the widest audience possible, keep that in the back of your head as you’re waiting to hear more," he said.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare is a third-person shooter that allows players to take on the roles of zombies or plants from the Plants vs. Zombies universe.

In a short hands-off demo at Gamescom, Lindley walked reporters through the game's four core zombie classes.

All of the playable zombies in the game have costumes they can change and will feature accessories and the ability to do a lot of customizing, he said. Each of the zombie classes will also have a unique weapon and three abilities. Players can unlock attachments for their weapons which will tweak how they perform, he said.

The soldier has a Z1 assault blaster and has the ability to pull out a secondary weapon, a rocket launcher, to attack plants or do a rocket jump. He also can create a Zombie Steam Cloud.

The All-Star is a football playing zombie who plays a bit like a heavy in Team Fortress 2. He has a football cannon and can punt an imp, a companion character, into plants. The imp then runs to the closest plant and explodes. He also has the ability to create a dummy of himself for cover and can sprint tackle.


The engineer zombie carries a concrete launcher and can activate the zombie teleporters found around the map. He also has a sonic grenade and can build zombot turrets.

The scientist uses a Zomboss goo blaster and has the ability to create heal stations, throw exploding sticky balls and warp.

Lindley said the game will also allow players controlling zombies to call in non-player character zombies, AI-driven "brown shirts" that will help bulk out the zombie army.

The Xbox One version of the game will also feature a boss mode that allows players to help out in the game using a tablet. The boss mode plays with a top-down view and allows players to help out the warring factions, depending on which side they're out to support, either as the Zomboss or Crazy Dave.

The boss mode sounds a bit like commander mode for Battlefield 4, but the developers said it was actually inspired by the original commander mode found in Battlefield 2.

"We didn't know they were even doing a commander mode," said PopCap's Gary Clay. "Our's feels very different."

Correction: This story initially misreported that the game wasn't yet confirmed for the PC. We apologize for the error.

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