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Battlefield 4 Gamescom video explains how 'Levolution' changes the way you play

A new Battlefield 4 video from Gamescom examines the concept of "Levolution" and how players can use it for their advantage.

Developer DICE hopes that Levolution, the real-time deforming and changing of the game's maps, will make for a more dynamic multiplayer experience. The most common application of Levolution is that of small changes and destruction dealt to the environment: Players will be able to close entrances to better fortify their positions, shut enemies in closed quarters with a hand grenade and listen for car alarms to pinpoint an enemy's position.

Levolution also applies to ambient changes, like a tropical battlefield suddenly becoming harsh and stormy. The most dramatic application of the system, however, is large one-time events that can be triggered to drastically change the environment: A dam can be destroyed to flood a town or a building can be brought down, as showcased in the Shanghai multiplayer demo shown at E3.

Battlefield 4 is scheduled to launch on Oct. 29 for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with a multiplayer beta kicking off earlier in the month. Next-gen console versions have also been planned.

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