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Killer Instinct to offer classic announcer, costumes and music

Killer Instinct developer Double Helix is including elements to attract fans of the series' earlier games, including their original announcer as well as classic costumes and perhaps music, said the studio during a Twitch livestream yesterday, as reported by Destructoid.

Chris Sutherland, who provided the voice for the announcer in the original Killer Instinct as well as in Killer Instinct 2, will reprise his role for the new game. Players will be able to choose him over the default announcer, and in addition to his old lines being present, he has recorded new ones.

Players will also be able to pick up classic costumes for returning characters, although no price for them was announced. It's possible that the skins will be part of the game's $39.99 Ultra Edition, which publisher Microsoft Studios said will include a number of costumes.

In addition, the developers teased the existence of classic music in the new Killer Instinct. "For most of you who really love [Killer Instinct] 1 and 2, the music of [Killer Instinct] 1 and 2, we've got you covered," said creative director Adam Isgreen.

Killer Instinct will be available on Xbox One at launch.

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