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Total War: Rome 2 multiplayer takes center stage in new video

A video released recently on Total War: Rome 2 developer The Creative Assembly's YouTube channel explains the upcoming game's multiplayer offerings.

Watch the video above to learn about the quick match feature, which pairs players together based on stats, as well as the game's six new battle types. You'll also see how Total War: Rome 2's "thousands" of multiplayer maps come from the campaign maps and much more. About five minutes in, the developers take to the battlefield and show the multiplayer in motion.

Total War: Rome 2 is set for a Sept. 3, 2013 release on Windows PC. Polygon spoke with the developer recently about the "massive role" that fear and loyalty will play in the upcoming strategy game, so be sure to read our interview to learn more about Total War: Rome 2 and the advantages of using war elephants.

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