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Nordic Games could announce its first THQ project later this year

Nordic Games isn't eager to rush into projects involving the properties it acquired from THQ earlier this year, but is starting to lay down the groundwork for their next installments — one of which could be announced by the end of the year.

Speaking to Polygon at Gamescom, Nordic Games head of business and product development Reinhard Pollice explained that its current slate of upcoming titles — including the Indiana Jones-esque shooter Deadfall Adventures and 3D adventure game The Raven: Chapter Two — takes precedence over any new THQ projects.

"The thing is, the current lineup with The Raven and Deadfall, we kind of fixed it before we knew we were gonna have the THQ stuff," Pollice said. "That was all carefully planned — some things started in 2011."

Pollice said that the company's highest-priority properties obtained from THQ include Darksiders, MX vs. ATV and Titan Quest — all of which would take a substantial amount of work to pair up with a partner and develop.

"I think we'll see, or I hope we'll see, one announcement in 2013 already."

"We don't want to rush into new developments based on these new properties we have now, because that would be the wrong step. We could easily — there are tons of developers out there who would like to partner with us and work on Darksiders or Red Faction, or whatever big IP there is out there, but that's the wrong approach. It would not be wise for us. We would kill the IP in the long run, because we'd rush into it, not carefully seek out who we'll do it with and why we'll do it. This is the groundwork we're doing now."

Pollice reiterated a point he made in April; Nordic Games' first THQ priority is to restore functionality to the PC versions of the most recent MX vs. ATV games.

"I think the first real sign of life will have something that pleases the MX community, fairly soon. Like, through the next couple of months. Though that is not a new game, that is to continue supporting the original games already out there, still being played. There's a momentary problem with the multiplayer mode, and we want to bring that back for the PC version of MX, so the community can just have fun with the existing games."

Beyond that, he teased, it shouldn't be too much longer until we start seeing something from the THQ library announced by Nordic Games.

"I think we'll see, or I hope we'll see, one announcement in 2013 already. The thing is, from where we are, I think it looks very good, but we need to figure a few things out with THQ. We aren't done talking with them and getting the data and everything. So that's still in the process with some of the property we got."

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