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Assault Android Cactus aims for PS Vita and PS4

New details have merged about Witch Beam's Assault Android Cactus, announced earlier this week by Sony for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as a cross-platform title.

Originally set to be launched for Windows PC and Mac, the game is a top-down, twin-stick, sci-fi multiplayer shooter featuring multiple playable androids, each with their own personalities and attributes. Witch Beam is a Brisbane-based development house, made up of former Sega Studios Australia staff.

"Visually, I wanted to combine sci-fi with colorful characters and bright appealing environments," wrote artist and programmer Tim Dawson on a PlayStation Blog post. "As small indie developers we set our sights on PC but we've always known the game had a console heart. Thankfully we weren't the only ones that thought this way and with Sony's support we're on track to bring Assault Android Cactus to PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4 near the start of next year."

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