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Metrico morphs infographics into a challenging, beautiful world

Metrico is not a math game; it's a romp through a world of infographics turned into puzzles that are maddeningly frustrating and genuinely fun.

Digital Dreams has taken bar graphs, pie charts and axis coordinates and built a world that is both beautiful and challenging. Players will have to use trial and error to figure out its rules — which are constantly changing. And once you adapt to these rules, they'll change once again. The only way to pass each obstacle is to jump or run in a very specific direction, or fall to your death into the abyss to reset it.

Infographics are becoming an art form, according to creative director Gene Nellen, and this is why they have chosen to gamify them. Games are art, and infographics are becoming more artistic — so melding them together felt like a perfect fit. Watch the video above to see how it all comes together in Metrico.

Netherlands-based Digital Dreams is hoping to launch their game early next year, when it will be published exclusively for the PlayStation Vita.