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Elder Scrolls Online's first-person mode leaves you in the danger zone

The recently added, fully supported first-person perspective in The Elder Scrolls Online still needs a bit of work.

The good news is that the developers know that and continue to put time into tweaking the way the game behaves in that perspective.

What started as a simple zoomed in perspective was given the addition of character hands and equipment recently. But still missing are some of the warning signs a gamer playing in third-person perspective might receive in combat.

When fighting in third-person perspective, players can react to ranged attacks. When a bow-wielding enemy, for instance, is firing at a player, the area of effect is marked either with a red cone in the air or a red circle on the ground. Players can use this warning sign to dodge around attacks.

But when played in first-person perspective, it's hard to see those warning signs. That's because they weren't designed for a first-person perspective.

Lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle said the team is working on fixing the issue, experimenting with a number of ways to get around the problem. One idea is to have flames lick the bottom of the screen when a character in first-person perspective is in an area on fire.

Other ideas include flashing the screen when the character is inside a danger zone or making the screen go out of focus when a character is stunned.

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