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Precinct 'staged funding campaign' canceled

The developers behind the Precinct, the proposed spiritual successor to Police Quest from series creator Jim Walls, canceled its "staged funding campaign," according to a post on the game's official website.

"We're fighters and fought our best," the update reads. "Unfortunately, our best wasn't good enough to overcome the challenges with crowdfunding Precinct. Our new approach attracted some terrific supporters and we are grateful. However, we simply don't have the momentum needed to meet the requirements of this project."

Robert Lindley and The Precinct Team launched the open-ended crowdfunding campaign in early August, with "no deadline for funding" and a staged funding model to let backers "see the vision in as little time as possible." The campaign raised $11,890 of its $400,00 goal. The 426 supporters will not be charged for pledges.

According to the post, the team "may decide" to develop Police Quest's spiritual successor again "someday."

"The backing community are wonderfully supportive of Jim Walls making a new game," the post reads. "Likewise, our team remains passionate about Precinct and are hopeful there is a way to make Precinct a reality in the future."

The Precinct Kickstarter campaign, launched mid-July, collected $85,756 of its $500,000 goal with 10 days left when the developers cancelled it, saying that "it's clear that we're not going to hit our goal."

For more about Precinct, be sure to read our interview with Walls and Lindsley, where they discussed how they were going to resurrect the feeling and spirit of Police Quest.

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