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From a life-sized terminator to the world's biggest mouse, these PC case mods will astound you

Each year, Gamescom is host to a spectacular casemodding competition that delivers an array of surprising, artistic, sometimes alarming homemade computers.

Among this year's 40 to 50 entries were a computer built to look like a life-sized Predator, and another designed to look like a life-sized Terminator; a computer built into a desk, complete with a ceiling, drop-down monitor and lighting; and one mod that was a model car.

Perhaps my favorite was the computer that was the world's largest, fully-functional gaming mouse. All of the buttons and inputs worked, it just needed a monitor and a really, really big desk to operate.

Stay tuned to DCMM's website for the results of the competition if you'd like to know which mod took first.

Update: The winners have been announced.

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