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Disgaea D2 trailer brings fan favorites back and slam-dunks foes

A new trailer for Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness specifically showcases the series' traditional off-beat sense of humor.

The trailer begins with two of the primary protagonists — bratty demon overlord Laharl and his snarky second-in-command Etna — verbally sparring over Etna's own power fantasies. It promises that fans' favorite characters will return, showing Laharl and Etna riding meteors down that crash down next to the title's third main character, the ditzy angel Flonne.

The trailer then showcases some of the more ridiculous aspects of this installment's combat, like being able to defeat enemies by slam-dunking them through a basketball hoop formed by the other members of the party.

Disgaea D2 hits PlayStation 3 on Oct. 8 in North America and Sept. 27 in Europe.

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