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Scrolls adds new 'Decay' faction, features

The fourth faction in Mojang's collectible strategy trading card game, Scrolls, is now available along with several feature upgrades and bug fixes, the developer announced via the game's website.

In Scrolls, players build decks and attempt to take out enemy idols. The update includes 46 Decay scrolls, as well as a pre-constructed deck and avatars. Those who purchase the Decay deck this week will receive a free avatar. New players will receive the deck for free, on top of the standard deck given during your first play.

In addition to bug fixes, the update includes AI improvements. Players will also now have access to a new deck builder, battle music and six trials. Check out the full list on the game's website.

For more on Scrolls and how players factor into gameplay, check out our interview with lead designer Jakob Porser.

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